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Tall, taller, tallest America's You appear to be suffering from stupid How do you tell apart a Chinese and a Japanese? Money can't bring you happiness
You just have to Rebecca Black Bring it Jail Rule 34
Ever been so mad... It's not fair to beat a lying man Bar code Boba Fett What do you like in me - looks or brains?
Security Ugliness Yippy Kai Aye Motherfucker Crysis Eminem
Truth Ashley Tisdale Never forget Desperation Life's hard
Who needs armies The economy Our movie critic Hannukah Back...
Camel toe Mystery meat Let's stay Holding up traffic Chest bumps
Holy bolter rifle Masturbation Best graffiti ever Geek/goddesses Last man on earth
Nothing Clown porn Niggers /b/ Holy shit.
Once you go black Force choke Stick it Truth Both Presidents Bush