Soda holder, You're doing it right


qqeeeeee 05.10.2011 13:19
Le fap time
MOAR 05.10.2011 13:32
av #100432
nah 05.10.2011 13:49
you're doing it wrong, bitch... warm coca-cola tastes like hell
suck on this 05.10.2011 17:39
never tasted hell. Any good?
av #100453
Reaver 06.10.2011 10:32
I would drink all of that delicious cola.
.:Panzer:. 06.10.2011 15:59
not too old?
av #100495
Reaver 06.10.2011 21:45
Cola is never too old.
random guy 07.10.2011 16:29
again: who wants their drink to be that warm if it's not coffee?
pseudorandom guy 09.10.2011 2:41
I want my drink to be that warm if it's not coffee.

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