Well,, That explains Edward..


lala 05.10.2010 19:28
and batman!
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Lenek 05.10.2010 20:04
Kill it with fire!
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BoryZ 06.10.2010 7:08
Well im not surprised. They're blind, so have no clue in what they just stick their penis
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Icarium 06.10.2010 8:07
his name is Buttman
@up 06.10.2010 8:46
sk0undr3l 06.10.2010 11:07
@op do much win, albo podoba mi sie bo jeszcze jestem pijany po wczoraj.
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Expendable 06.10.2010 14:24
Shit, my favourite characters from True Blood are gays, please why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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