Women, when will they learn?


s1 08.09.2010 10:54
yes, you do have a right. to never leave the kitchen.
baboon 08.09.2010 12:11
you have rights to shut the fuck up and make some sandwiches
That man on left side 08.09.2010 18:07
That man in the back 08.09.2010 20:37
discreet LOL
av #68935
Madness 08.09.2010 21:57
But you has also duties. For example: go to fucking kitchen, bitch!
s1 08.09.2010 22:11
you either are a woman or you have rights - choose one; can't have both.
PandemX 22.01.2011 14:06
God have given mouth to women only for one reason, and this wasnt beging for rights.
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FapJedi 11.06.2011 21:00
lol'z ... >.>

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