Buffy Vampires, May be fugly has hell, but at least they don't sparkle


ihateyouall 15.05.2010 11:48
hi im edward i cant go out in the sun becouse i sparkle beutyfully
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zamuraiii 15.05.2010 13:19
hi and I'm Blade, I have a katana and can destroy your fucking body, isn't it sweet?
papież lolek 15.05.2010 13:41
Blade, but you're a nigger.
@papież lolek: 15.05.2010 13:57
blade may be a nigger but he doesn't sparkle.
ihateyouall 15.05.2010 16:15
thats racist nigers can sparkle like anybody else
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Boris 15.05.2010 19:24
No, they can rape like nobody else, but they cant sparkle like anybody else.
harhar 15.05.2010 19:53
seems boris is an expert :P
Ilalya 15.05.2010 21:16
Boris is a nigga :P
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lox 16.05.2010 0:04
But does he sparkle?
Lol 16.05.2010 14:25
Let me get it straight, everything what sparkles, is definitely not NIGGA, but we can look at it from different angle, NIGGAS wear blings, they may sparkle, but don't you dare sparke while they're around, they recieve it as a challange, which automatically will lead you to get gang-bang raped by those black motherfuckers.
@up 16.05.2010 19:53
looks like painfull memories

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