Women, You'd be surprised what a punch to the womb can accomplish


BSOD 09.07.2009 23:51
Ouch! :D
Śledzie 10.07.2009 1:30
kupek 10.07.2009 3:41
falcon punch!
Anonymous 24.07.2009 14:00
Surprise abortion!
Res PLS 01.08.2009 17:12
Falcon punch? Your dumb, fucking moron ... it's SHINRYUKEN!
lolpo 10.08.2009 20:54
Fisting :P
Nessum 23.09.2009 10:05
Of course it's a lame shinryuken. FALCON PUNCH would be far more powerfull......
boogeymen 19.12.2009 20:53
women oj wierze
Kozanostra 06.01.2010 11:35
mańkut czy też obchodzi się z nią delikatnie? :P
cpt. obvious 18.01.2010 13:22
czy tamten koles w tle obejmuje 2 goscia
gigi 20.01.2010 12:14
Gay test. cpt. obvious gratz ! We got a gay.
Cyberion 19.06.2010 23:35
thats what street fighter and tekken would look like in real life, bitches owned by guys
falcon punch easy way to say : go back to the kitchen
av #58565
mrowkipolicjanty 22.06.2010 19:22
surprise abortion? than buttsecks :O
Anon nomous 26.07.2010 21:03
Make abortion free FALCON PUNCH your problem away
herpderp 09.06.2012 19:19
more like Dragon Fisting, amirite?

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